Ideal Clube de Fado

Ideal Clube de Fado - Fado Porto

Ideal Clube de Fado is a group of artists that offers the only show in Porto entirely dedicated to the most authentic tradition of classic Fado. Before the concert, there is a talk with the musicians for those who want to know more about Traditional Fado and styles in Fado.

The concert is from 6:00 to 7:00 PM and the optional, free talk is at 5:30 PM. Tickets cost 17.10€ if purchased online (19€ at the venue) and include a glass of port.

As usual at a Fado concert, Ideal Clube de Fado offers a 1-hour show in the evening with a glass of Port wine included.

You will have one fado singer and two guitar players, in a concert where you will hear ten to twelve fados and two or three instrumental pieces.

Thirty minutes before the concert there is a talk with the musicians. You don’t have to go, but I recommend it because you will understand better what the artists are doing during the performance, you will learn more about styles in Fado and why Traditional Fado is a unique and special style.

This show takes place in one of the most iconic vintage cafes in Porto – Galeria Paris – where people sit around tables in an intimate and cozy atmosphere. The acoustics are excellent and you will feel close to the artists.

One of the most distinctive aspects of this concert is that, unlike most Fado experiences in Portugal, here you will only hear Traditional Fado – Fado in its purest state. Therefore, commercial and touristic songs, such as A Casa Portuguesa, Lisboa Antiga, Abril em Portugal (which are not Fado), marches, folklore and even Fado-canção are not part of the show.

Ideal Clube de Fado - Fado Porto

The performance is intense and passionate, not only because it is offered by a group of artists recognized for their technical quality and expressiveness, but also because Traditional Fado, being mainly improvisational, leads to a greater involvement from the fadista and the guitarists.

Where is it?

It is on Rua Galeria de Paris 56, one of the most beautiful streets in Porto, very close to Livraria Lello.

Is this Fado experience for me?

If you want to hear pure Fado, with good artists, in the late afternoon and without food, this concert is for you. In addition, if you want to learn more about Fado with the musicians and in an informal setting, just arrive 30 minutes before the concert time.

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