Casa da Guitarra

Fado Porto - Casa da Guitarra

The Casa Guitarra’s Fado concert, once known as “Fado at 6”, takes place in the famous Porto chordophone store that, from 6:00 PM, transforms into a mini auditorium for those who want to listen to Fado.

The one-hour concerts start at 6:00 pm, and there is usually a session at 7:30 pm as well. Tickets cost 16€ and include a glass of port.

What to Expect

At Casa da Guitarra’s Fado show you will hear about 12 songs. In the middle of the show there is a break where you can enjoy a glass of port.

casa da guitarra - fado porto

The performance venue is a pleasant musical instrument store that turns into a small auditorium at the time of Fado. So, you will hear Fado surrounded by Portuguese chordophones.

Fado Porto - Casa da Guitarra

Where is it?

It is located at Av. Vimara Peres 49, near the entrance to the upper deck of the Luís I bridge.

Is this Fado experience for me?

This Fado concert is of special interest if you want to visit this store where you can see and try Portuguese chordophones.

If you prefer a more authentic concert or want a Fado experience where you can learn about this style, click here to see more options.

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