Fado Maior do Porto

fado maior do porto

Fado Maior do Porto is a typical tavern in Miragaia where authentic fado lives away from the tourist hustle and bustle. Here, you will enjoy an unprecedented encounter in Portugal between excellent representatives of the most popular Fado tradition and university student groups that preserve the student’s Fado, often known as Coimbra’s Fado.

The concerts take place at 7:00 pm and last one hour. We recommend that you arrive 10 to 15 minutes early. Tickets cost €21, but during the month of May, if you buy them online they cost just €12.60 with a glass of port wine included.

fado maior do porto

The show begins with Coimbra’s Fado, a style that links the popular with the erudite, created and cultivated by university students, reflecting youth, poetry, love, and longing.

Here, some of the best groups from Porto will share their songs and instrumentals with you.

fado maior do porto

In the show’s second part, you’ll hear some of the most important representatives of Traditional Fado who cultivate this art with total dedication to the music and the audience.

fado maior do porto

In a welcoming atmosphere and close to the artists, these spontaneous and unrehearsed shows make each evening a unique journey. This spontaneity not only shows the talent and creativity of the artists, but also allows for an immersive experience, as your concentration will be part of the live creation process.

Where is it?

It is located at Rua de Miragaia 54, 4050-431 Porto.

Is this Fado experience for me?

This meeting of the two fados of Portugal in an intimate show and in a typical place in old Porto is unique. In addition, the artists from Fado Maior do Porto are of the highest standard. Before or after the show, don’t forget to take a walk in the old Miragaia streets!

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