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Fado in Porto has become one of the main cultural offerings for tourism. If, on the one hand, this phenomenon stimulates the Fado scene in Oporto, on the other hand, it has some disadvantages of a massification of this offer. In this context, Oportofado.com intends to contribute to the construction of memory and documentation of Fado, immaterial heritage of humanity, constituting itself as a privileged vehicle of information for all who want to know Fado in Porto and a guide for the choice of experiences of authentic Fado and of superior quality.

A professional perspective

The experience of working in the last ten years as a Fado musician in Porto with most of the artists of this area, allows me to have a privileged perception of the places and people relate to Fado in this city. With this project I intend to share this experience in order to contribute to a more in-depth knowledge about Fado in general, Fado in Porto and also to promote informed choices of Fado experiences.

Ricardo Pons
OportoFado.com coordinator

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